Corporate Investigations

We are a company of Private investigators and Private Detectives covering the whole of the Ireland. We undertake investigations for sole traders, small business and international corporations worldwide.

Our team consists of highly experienced Private Investigators and Private Detectives who have been successfully undertaking and resolving corporate investigations for many years. We offer solutions tailored to your individual concerns and suspicions and we have the experience and understanding to operate and function discreetly within difficult situations.

Our corporate investigative services in this regard include, but are not limited to some of the following:

  • Debtor Tracing: We locate missing debtors / People who owe you money.
  • Background Checks: Making the correct decision. Be it in the hiring of new employees to the investigation of potential business partners or investors.
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking: Vehicle tracking is a very cost effective method of gathering information on the movement of fleet and company vehicles.
  • Surveillance: We are available to conduct surveillance assignments immediately, whether it is on a long or a short term basis. All surveillance assignments are carried out with the utmost discretion and confidentiality using the very latest Surveillance equipment along with highly experienced Surveillance operatives.
  • Counter Surveillance/TSCM: Technical surveillance counter-measures to identify security vulnerabilities within your home or business. Our aim is always to identify any area of vulnerability and to provide cost effective solutions to the issue at hand.
  • Process Service: All investigators are experienced Process Servers. When you contact us for this service you can be assured that we will take every possible action in our efforts to ensure that a prompt and successful service is served.
  • Mobile Phone and DATA Forensics: Information can be retrieved and recovered from mobile phones and computers, this includes contact lists, SMS messages, address books, call logs and ‘deleted’ information.
  • Criminal Investigation: Witness statements taken, alibi verification and the tracing of material witnesses.
  • Fraud Investigation: Both the gathering evidence of evidence without alarming potential suspects to taking a proactive approach to fraud in your business or organisation to assess risks present and investigate cost effective solutions to minimize the opportunities for fraud.

Employee Monitoring: Does your company have employees who have been off sick for a large amount of time? Are they being paid sick pay? Are you unable to replace them? Using Surveillance can help prove they are lying about their sickness therefore allowing you to replace them and stop paying out sick pay.

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