Surveillance is a useful tool to gather evidence for a wide variety of circumstances to determine the activities of a person.

Our surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the clients requires.

Our surveillance services are not only available throughout Dublin but Nationwide and Internationally.

Our private investigators and detectives work along side our covert surveillance personnel.

Why choose our surveillance services?

  1. Our surveillance operatives are totally discreet

  2. The surveillance operative assigned to the case will use modern techniques and advanced technology to monitor the target.

  3. We are widely considered to be ethical operators using only fully trained and qualified field surveillance operatives, always with an eye to detail and to keeping your costs down but never compromising on quality.

Below is a list where surveillance could and should be required:

  1. Bullet Fraudulent personal injury claim

  2.  Claiming sick leave and working

  3. shapeimage_30_link_1 When we trace somebody to an address

  4. Bullet Ascertain residency/ need someone followed home from work

  5.  Cheating partner/ spouse

  6.  “Back dooring” candidates/ contractors

  7. Here are a few of our clients testimonials from previous Private Investigations we have carried out Someone working when they shouldn’t be – absenteeism

  8.  Poaching clients from your business